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I.C.T Tutorial

Computer Structure: Output Unit

Any peripheral device that converts the stored binary coded data into convenient external forms as text and pictures are Output device. Some of the most common used Output devices are below: Monitor A monitor is the screen on which words, numbers, and graphics can be seen. The monitor is the …

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Computer Structure: Central Processing Unit

    It is also known as a processor or microprocessor. The Central Processing Unit (CPU) was first developed by Intel in 1974. The computer CPU is responsible for handling all instructions and calculation it receives from other hardware components in the computer and software programs running on the computer. …

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Computer Structure : The Input Unit

A computer is a fast and accurate device, which can accept data, store data, process them and give a desired results as output. The computer is organized into four units as follows:-  Input Unit, Central Processing Unit (CPU), Output Unit and Secondary Memory. Computer Structure   Input Unit Computers can …

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Classification Of Computers

  Computers are in different shapes, sizes and weights and they perform different tasks from one another. They can be classified in different ways. All these computers are designed by a qualified computer architectures who design these machines as their requirements.   A computer used at hospital differs in size …

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Generation Of Computer

Advancement of current computer is ordinarily considered as far as Generation of Computers.There are absolutely five computer generations known till now. Every generation is been talked about here. The First Generation Vacuum Tube: 1940-1956 The computers of this generation were made up of vacuum tubes for circuitry and magnetic drums …

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History Of Computers

​ The first computers were individuals or people, that is, electronic Computers (and the prior mechanical Computers) were given this name since they played out the work that had previously been allocated to individuals. Computer was initially an occupation title: it was utilized to portray those people (dominantly ladies) whose …

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