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Microsoft – Mysterious New DirectReality

Microsoft has trademarked “DirectReality” ahead of its E3 press event on Sunday, with some hints that this mysterious service might involve holographic apps. The software giant describes DirectReality as “online computer software for holographic applications” and software as a service. DirectReality is also related to gaming, and the trademark filing …

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Microsoft’s Surface Laptop Feels Beautiful

Microsoft finally made a real laptop, and it’s beautiful. I got a chance to get a closer look at the new Surface Laptop during Microsoft’s event in New York City, and I’m impressed. This could be the laptop I’ve been waiting for Microsoft to create. The Surface Book was always …

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Dell Announces Its First HDR Desktop Monitor

Dell just announced its newest monitor, the UltraSharp UP2718Q. It’s a 27-inch 4K desktop monitor, but the biggest addition is support for HDR video (under the HDR10 specification). While Dell has made several well-regarded 4K monitors before, the UltraSharp UP2718Q is the company’s first foray into HDR. Spec-wise, the UP2718Q …

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Oracle Claims First Truly Converged Cloud/NAS Storage Platform

Top Tech News – Oracle announced a new platform this week to help enterprises integrate cloud storage services with on-premises NAS storage systems. The platform, called Oracle Cloud Converged Storage, is based on Oracle’s ZFS Cloud software, which is included in the latest Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance release. The company …

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Internet Privacy? Who Needs That?

  While the headlines are dominated by the further misadventures of a clueless president who can’t keep his Twitter tweeter shut, his Republican colleagues in the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the U.S. Senate continue to destroy the internet. First, Trump’s man in the FCC has set out to wreck …

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