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Characteristic Of Information


Useful information is that which is utilized and makes value. Useful information is conveyed in time for its purpose and contains the right level of detail to it user. The characteristics of useful and effective information are:- 

Completeness – Information is considered as complete when it tells the user all that he/she wishes to know about a particular situation or problem. 

Accuracy – Value information must be accurate and should truly reflects the situation or behavior of an event as it really is.

Relevance – It refers to current utility of information in decision making or problem solving.

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Timely – It means information should be made available when it is needed for a particular purpose. When information is delayed it has less value as a resource.

Reliability – The information must be reliable.

Purpose – Information must have purpose at the time it is transmitted to a person or machine, otherwise it is simply data. The basic purpose of information is to inform, evaluate, persuade or organize other information, create new concepts, identify problems, solve problems, decision making, planning, initializing, controlling and searching.

Validity – It measures the closeness of the information to the purpose which it claim to serve. 

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