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Computer Structure: Output Unit


Any peripheral device that converts the stored binary coded data into convenient external forms as text and pictures are Output device. Some of the most common used Output devices are below:


ICT Config-Computer Structure: Output Unit-Monitor

A monitor is the screen on which words, numbers, and graphics can be seen. The monitor is the most common output device.

Compact Disk 

ICT Config-Computer Structure: Output Unit-CD

Some compact disks can be used to put information on. This is called burning information to a CD.


ICT Config-Computer Structure: Output Unit-Printer

A printer prints whatever is on the monitor onto paper. Printers can print words, numbers, or pictures.

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ICT Config-Computer Structure: Output Unit-Speaker

A speaker gives you output sound from your computer. Some speakers are built into the computer and some are separate.


ICT Config-Computer Structure: Output Unit-Headphone

Headphones give output sound from the computer.


ICT Config-Computer Structure: Output Unit-Plotter

This is an output device used to create high quality visuals on papers, which cannot be obtained using a printer. It is used to create presentation visuals, charts, graphs, table, and engineering plans. A plotter is more software-dependent than any other peripheral and needs much more instructions that the printer for producing output.


ICT Config-Computer Structure: Output Unit-Projector

LCD projectors are systems that display or project information or video onto a surface. LCD stands for liquid crystal display, the technology used to project images.

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