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Data and Information


Many are the events that occurs in our society or organizations, paying bills, manufacturing products, supplying of goods, arriving of products and much more. These are some examples of events that happen in our world or take place in the organizations.

Most of these events that happen are significant or meaningful and it is recorded. Data is more or less, the facts and figures that records meaningful events that occurs (in organization or society). 

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Information on the other hand is processing data. Data is the raw material for producing information and information is the basis which executives take decision on. Data is processed according to requirements and suitable instructions that are given.

What Is Information

Information is defined as processed data. For example marks of 60 students are data and higher or lowest marks are information.

Information can be defined as processed data into a form which is meaningful to recipient and is of real or value in current or prospective decisions.
Information refers to an input of data processing which is organized and meaningful to the person who receives it.

Data Processing System

Data is raw facts and figures which help to process to produce the information.
The instructions humans give to a machine or computer is called software or program and a program is a process of instructions which instruct the computer what to do with input to bring out desire output.

The three steps of data processing are input, processing and output.


Input – Is where you use input device to enter in the data needed into the computer for it to be process.

Processing – Here the input data is being process or make decision by the software to bring out desire and useful output.

Output – At this stage with the help of the output device the result of the output data is produce in a way that is useful to the user.

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