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What Is a Database?

A database is a gathering of related information put away or stored for accessible to numerous users for various purposes. The substance or the content of a database is acquired by combining information from all the distinctive sources in an organization, with the goal that information or data are accessible to all users and excess information can be disposed of or limited.

What is Database?

The database is a collection of related data. The essential component of a file in a record system is a data item, which is the smallest named unit of data that has significance in reality, for instance, last name, first name, street address, ID number etc. A gathering of related data items regarded as a single unit by an application is known as a record. These are some examples of types of records; order, salesperson, customer, product, and department. A file is a collection of records of a single type. One of the properties of database is that, database is designed, built and populated with data for a specific purpose.

A database is a more complex object and it is a collection of interrelated stored data that serves the needs of multiple users within organizations that is interrelated collections of a wide range of types of tables.


Basic Definitions of Database Concepts

Data – Data is known facts that can be recorded and have an understood importance.

Database – Database is a gathering of related data.

Database System – Database System is simply the DBMS software together with the data itself.

Database Management System (DBMS) – Database Management System is a software system to facilitate the creation and maintenance of an automated database. Some database management systems are Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Oracle etc.

A database can deal with business stock, bookkeeping and recording and utilize the data in its files to prepared different kinds of reports. The management of data in a database system is done by software package called a database management system.

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