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What Is Computer Software?




Software is the logical glue that holds a computer and few advance gadgets of various types together in a coherent system which in turn interacts with many sorts of individuals administrative, professional staff and management in the operation of an enterprise.
Software has additionally been defined as “the automatic programming (instructions) techniques and procedures for utilizing the capabilities of the computer”.
In the dialect of computer science or technology, software is that part of the computer which manages the codes or coded instructions according to what the computer is to work.
The techniques for utilizing the computers and the programs for various routine applications and utilities are altogether called “software”. The ease of use and proficiency of the computer relies on upon its product.

Classification of Software


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System / Utility Software

Are the sets of integrated programs, which make the computer work and is generally supplied by the makers of the Hardware and comprises a large number of instructions, which are specific to hardware devices. It constitutes a particular computer system.
Few examples of Commercial Software Utilities are:

WP (Word Processing
Example:- MS-Word, WORDSTAR, WP (word perfect) EDIT etc.

DBMS (Database Management System) Example: FoxPro, FoxBASE, Dbase III+, MS–ACCESS, etc.

ESS (Electronic Spread Sheet)
Example:- EXCEL, LOTUS 1-2-3, VPP, etc. 

Some examples of System Software are: 
Language Processors (Compiler, Interpreter, Assembler) Loader, Linker and Editor.

Application Software

Customer oriented software packages are a set of programs which helps the computer work productively for particular applications. Application software’s are custom fitted to make the hardware to work in a desired way for processing an application unique to a user. This software’s are called user software.
Example: Library Management, payroll system, production and planning, Inventory Management, etc.

Operating System (OS)

Operating System comprising set of integrated system programs and processing programs, which administer the handling operations and controlling of input/output functions of the computer systems.
On the other hand
Operating System plays a very critical role in a computer system. It is a group of complex programs written in machine language that empowers a computer to schedule work in the most productive way. It consists of two essential sort of programs supervisor program and a gathering of other programs (translate / utility etc) that are under the control of the administrator. Operating System manages the overall operations of the computer and hence minimizes the computer operator’s intervention, giving subsequently enormously fast computer speed. Example are:- DOS and UNIX.

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